Hydrogen has the highest level of energy by mass of any fuel, but as the lightest element it is also, in its natural state, extremely low in energy by volume. It is therefore necessary to store hydrogen at a high density in order to make it viable as a fuel for transport and other applications.

High density hydrogen storage is a major challenge – at NPROXX we have overcome this challenge and can offer a range of applications for the stationary storage of large volumes of hydrogen. This in turn enables the establishment of refuelling stations and storage depots – in order to refuel hydrogen powered vehicles of any nature, hydrogen must be stored at high pressures, not just to limit the footprint of the storage facility but to ensure that hydrogen-powered vehicles can be refuelled quickly and easily.

NPROXX is in advanced stages of developing a new hydrogen storage system that can store more than 1,000kg of H2 at a nominal working pressure of 500 bar.


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