In order to unlock the potential of hydrogen as a fuel for tomorrow, we must answer the question: how can hydrogen be stored and transported safely at high pressures?

NPROXX is at the forefront of answering this question: pipelines can be used in very large volume situations. But for nimbler, more agile needs such as refuelling of light vehicles or in hard-to-access areas, or areas where pipelines cannot be used, mobile hydrogen infrastructure is required.

NPROXX is developing or has developed:

  • Hydrogen refuelling station for city buses, just outside the city of Cologne
  • Hydrogen refuelling facilities for hydrogen powered local and regional trains

A modular container-based hydrogen storage system that can be easily and safely transported from hydrogen-production areas, e.g. wind or solar farms – where use of electrolysis may be used to produce hydrogen from water, using the excess renewable energy that would otherwise need to be wasted.


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